Moisture Removal Pest Control Services

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Moisture Removal Pest Control Services

Drying treatment against Booklice, Plaster and Fungus beetles.

These insects feed off micro moulds brought about by increased relative humidity (rH) of air and % moisture content of timber. The two are related in that as temperature increases in air its ability to hold water increases, and given the same amount of water, therefore the rH decreases. However the movement of evaporated water from timber to air is related to the rH of that air and the % moisture content of the timber and temperature, and this is shown on a complicated graph called a Psychrometric chart (see attached). Of course if you increase the temperature, more water will evaporate as it achieves its latent heat of evaporation, which will add to the vapour load in the air and increase its rH.

Our objective here is by fast drying, to remove the excess water from the timber and plaster that is allowing the environmental conditions for Booklice and Plaster or fungus beetle and their fungal food source to thrive. Rapid drying is not without risks, in that plaster may crack and timber warp in extreme circumstances, so it needs monitoring.

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Does your property suffer with mould?

We can provide mould treatment services.

Our services can gently dry out a building to give the occupants a dry, fresh start.

The reasons for the damp could be down to occupant behaviours and following treatment we will advise how to continue to maintain low rH (relative humidity).

If you would like more information about our moisture removal services please contact us.

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Moisture Removal
Moisture Removal Pest Control

Sub Contract Service

We offer our services to those companies looking to differentiate themselves from competitors and offer their customers an unrivalled service.

Moisture Removal Pest Control

Heat Treatment Pioneers

We are pioneers of heat treatment systems for pest control. Heat treatment kills all life stages including the egg and is very successful.

Moisture Removal Pest Control

Commercial Services

Many of our treatments take place in hotels, hostels, ferries, trains, busses and lorries. Proven Heat treatment kills all life stages quickly.


Mrs S. Cooke Yorkshire England April 2012

We know that the bed bugs were brought into our home from our daughter giving a college friend an embrace, this friends father is an engineer who travels a lot and picked up bed bugs from one of the hotels he was staying in.

A simple act of friendship that caused us nightmares. The bug infestation came to our notice when our daughter started to complain of small red bite marks all over her body, it was not long before they were in our bedroom. As light sleepers we could feel them crawling over our skins at night.

We tried everything to get rid of them, from a scrupulously deep clean of the bedrooms to wasting many pounds on sprays and powders bought online, all the powder and sprays did was to give a few days of respite to the nightly bug invasion.

I had heard of the heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs and Sue searched the web and we were lucky enough to pick your company to come and sort out our problem.

The two gentlemen who came to our house were from the start professional and courteous.

The job they did was not just a superficial skim over the rooms, they did everything, beds, furniture, carpets and when they had finished the heat treatment they treated the carpets to ensure full and lasting treatment, the word lasting sums up the bug treatment your company gives. We have had not one, not a sign of bed bugs, I send this to you after more than nine months have passed, nine months without any problems.

Our thanks for the first class treatment and the first class service. After wasting a lot of money online and not getting the job done I have no reservations in recommending your company to anyone. Our thanks for letting us sleep at night.

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Mr G. Thompson Buckinghamshire England June 2012

We developed a bed bug problem after having some visitors to stay and looked around for solutions.

We chose Thermokil based on our conversations with Ryan Overton as to the process to be followed and after comparing prices and the levels of service offered. Ryan was great to work with and did everything that had been promised.

Although it was a day's hard work preparing the rooms for treatment and then reinstating the rooms the results made it worthwhile. Ryan was very thorough and checked the house for other possible signs of infestation as part of the process. A follow up visit was included in the price but turned out to be unnecessary since the problem had been completely resolved. The treatment was exactly as described and Ryan cleaned up well after his visit.

We have no hesitation in recommending Ryan Overton and Thermokil.

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Miss K. O’Neill West Midlands England Nov 2012

I think the service that you have given us from start to finish has been great, right from the moment I called you, I was reassured and offered good advice and tips.

The treatment and follow up visit has given me and Liam great peace of mind and I now can sleep soundly which was greatly missed. You and your team are extremely helpful and whenever I contact you, you always respond promptly.

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